The Ultimate 24 Hours Nutrition Guide For Peak Performance

If you’re looking to optimize your performance but don’t know where to start, your nutrition is the first place you should be looking for!

At X-Perform our mission is to give you the tools to maximize your daily performance, so no matter where you come from or where your life situation is at the moment you’ll feel at your best, and perform better than you ever have.

While most of the diets and gurus you hear speak about weight loss, a concept that most Americans have dealt with at some point, they don’t talk about the true nature of food and diets - to give you the energy to perform at your peak capacity.

By labeling food in terms of clean versus dirty, healthy food versus fast food, organic gluten-free or vegan-friendly, etc.. we’ve all but forgotten what food is actually here to do for you.

By following The X approach you’ll be able to burn more fat/build more muscle, eliminate your cravings, think clearer, sleep harder, and most importantly - you’ll have more energy to perform effortlessly at your best at your daily tasks.


1. Rise 

The first thing you want to consume upon waking is water!

Hydrating yourself Properly is one of the best ways to stay energized and feel good all day.

2. Coffee 

 Wait 30-60 minutes before getting your first coffee or tea - If you’re a coffee or tea drinker, one hour after you wake up is the time for that!

When you just wake up your cortisol levels spike which gives you a bit of energy and then dip after an hour or two.

Drinking your coffee in parallel to this dip in cortisol will help you to get the most out of the caffeine.

3. Breakfast 

Eat a light High protein, high fat breakfast 

By Saving your carbs intake for later in the day you’ll never get the crash associated with spiking your blood sugar. In addition to that, eating light throughout the first part of the day allows you to stay in fight-or-flight mode.

This evolutionary mechanism was intended to help humans stay alert while hunting. We instead harness the power of this hunger and apply it to improve our focus and productivity. We will get most of our carbs at the end of the day, Pre and Post-Workout.

This way we will improve our performance in our workouts, ensure our sleep is deeper, comes more effortlessly, and make sure our muscles have all the fuel they need to develop and recover.

4. Stop the lunchtime carb binge and also avoid eating heavy foods 

Stick to eating a protein source along with a salad and a small portion of starchy carbs/ piece of fruit.

This is an easy thing to get while eating out, and also an easy thing to pack for lunch, so there’s little excuse for having a bacon burger at lunch. This sort of lunch will ensure you have plenty of energy to keep performing at your peak and finish out your workday successfully!

5. Pre-workout meal 

Your pre-workout meal will be higher in carbs and protein for energy and recovery!

(Need to add the benefit of using our pre-workout)

6. Dinner / Post-Workout Meal 

After you conquer your day & workout, You deserve a larger dinner.. This is for two main reasons:

A. Eating a meal higher in protein and carbs will give your body the fuel it needs to develop and recover from your workout.

B. Carbs will make you sleepy since your body has to use more resources for its digestion, so it’s a nice natural sleep aid in the form of your dinner.


Following These steps will improve tremendously your performance the way you feel during the day.

When you start looking at food as a fuel to your body rather than just eating for weight loss or building muscle, the results you want will actually come much faster.


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